How to Hide or Show Folder Merge Conflicts in Windows 11

Say you copy or move the folder A from Downloads to Documents. Documents already contain the folder A. By default, you are not notified that the destination folder has a folder with the same name and the folders are merged. If you wish to be notified and decide on merging folders, please follow the steps […]

How to Show or Hide Empty Drives in Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 File Explorer hides empty drives. If you want, you can show empty drives in File Explorer. Here’s how: Press Windows + E to open the File Explorer. Click on the three horizontal dots at the top. Click “Options.” In the Folder Options pop-up window, navigate to the View tab. Unselect (to […]

How to Open a Folder in a New or Same Window

In Windows 11, How Do I Open a Folder? By default, the folder opens in the same window. A folder can be opened by double-clicking it, or by right-clicking it and selecting “Open” from the context menu. Alternatively, you can select the folder and then press the Enter key. Note: To open a folder in […]

How to Open an Item with a Single Click in Windows 11

Double-clicking an item in Windows 11 opens it by default. To open an item in Windows 11 with a single click, follow these steps: Open the File Explorer Options. In the “General” tab, in the “Click items as follows” section, you can see “Single-click to open an item (point to select).” Click on it. Under […]