Paint 3D Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows 11)

Written by Thirumalraj

Here, you’ll see both the Paint and Paint 3D shortcut keys. I’m using Windows 11 PC here.

Let’s start with the latter.

Paint 3D Shortcuts

You’ll find here Windows 11 Paint 3D shortcut keys and their actions.

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Page Up or Ctrl + Page UpZoom in.
Page Down or Ctrl + Page DownZoom out.
Ctrl + 0Reset zoom.
Ctrl + –Decrease the brush size.
Ctrl + +Increase brush size.
Ctrl + ZUndo.
Ctrl + YRedo.
F12Save the image as a new file.
Ctrl + Shift + SSave as.
Alt + F4Close Paint 3D.
Ctrl + NCreate a new picture or file.
Ctrl + OTo open an image or file.
Ctrl + STo save.
Ctrl + XTo cut the selected item.
Ctrl + CTo copy the selected item.
Ctrl + Shift + CTo take a screenshot.
Ctrl + EShow the properties of the canvas.
Ctrl + Shift + X2D crop.
Ctrl + WSelect canvas.
Ctrl + Shift + WHide or show the canvas.
Ctrl + VTo paste.
Ctrl + UTo underline the selected item.
Ctrl + ITo italicize the selected item.
Ctrl + BBold the selected item.
Ctrl + ASelect all the 3D items in your workspace. Use this key combination twice to select all 2D items in the workspace.
Ctrl + 3Switch views.
Alt + UpPan up.
Alt + DownPan down.
Alt + LeftPan left.
Alt + RightPan right.
Ctrl + Shift + EShow or hide the 3D perspective.
Ctrl + PTo print in 2D.
RightMove the active shape or selection to the right side by one pixel.
LeftMove the active shape or selection to the left side by one pixel.
UpMove the active shape or selection upwards by one pixel.
DownMove the active shape or selection downwards by one pixel.

Paint Shortcuts

Below are the Paint shortcut keys and their actions.

Ctrl + ASelect total canvas.
Ctrl + XCut the selected area.
Ctrl + CCopy the selected area.
Ctrl + VPaste the content of the clipboard.
Ctrl + YTo redo.
Ctrl + ZUndo.
Ctrl + EOpen the Image Properties popup.
Ctrl + GEnable or disable gridlines.
Ctrl + PTo print.
Ctrl + REnable or disable the rulers.
Ctrl + OOpen the image.
Ctrl + SSave.
Ctrl + NCreate a new image.
Ctrl + BMake the selected text bold.
Ctrl + IMake the selected text italics.
Ctrl + UMake the selected text underlined.
F12Save the file as a new file.
Ctrl + WOpen Resize and Skew popup.
Alt + EscMinimize the Paint window.
Alt + F4Close the Paint window.


  • You’ll get a copy by dragging a selection while pressing the Ctrl key.
  • The Escape key cancels the selection, and the Delete key deletes the selection.
  • The selected one can be moved upward, downward, left, and right, respectively, with the left, right, up, and down arrows.
  • By default, the Paint app shows the status bar. If you want to hide it, hit the View menu at the top and the Status bar. Remember that doing the same will enable it.
  • Hit View at the top and click “Full screen” if you want the full screen.
  • The Recent on the File menu shows the recent files you’ve opened with Paint.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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