Paint Shortcut Keys (Windows 10)

Below are the Paint shortcut keys and the steps for creating a Paint shortcut in Windows 10. Let’s get started.

Microsoft Paint Shortcut Keys

CTRL + ASelect total canvas.
CTRL + XCut the selected area.
CTRL + CCopy the selected area.
CTRL + VPaste the content of the clipboard.
CTRL + YTo redo.
CTRL + ZUndo.
CTRL + EOpen the Image Properties pop-up.
CTRL + GEnable or disable grid lines.
CTRL + PTo print.
CTRL + REnable or disable the ruler.
CTRL + OOpen the image.
CTRL + SSave.
CTRL + NCreate a new image.
Page UpZoom in.
Page DownZoom out.
CTRL + BMake the selected text bold.
CTRL + IMake the selected text italics.
CTRL + UMake the selected text underlined.
F11See the image on the full screen.
F12Save the file as a new file.
CTRL + F1Expand or collapse Ribbon.
CTRL + WOpen Resize and Skew pop-up.
Alt + EscMinimize the Paint window.
Alt + F4Close the Paint window.
Alt or F10Show or hide KeyTips.


  • By dragging a selection while pressing the CTRL key, you will get a copy of it.
  • The Escape key cancels the selection.
  • The Delete key deletes the selection.
  • With the left, right, up, and down arrows, the selected one can be moved upward, downward, left, and right respectively.

How to Create a Paint Shortcut in Windows 10?

Below are the steps for creating a Paint shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop, but remember that the steps are the same for creating a shortcut in File Explorer.

Right-click a blank space on your desktop.

Move your mouse over “New” and press “Shortcut,” which you’ll find under “Folder.”

In the pop-up, type mspaint and press Next.

If you don’t like the proposed name, enter the name you prefer. Then click “Finish”.


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