How to Insert, Move or Resize a Picture in the WordPad

You can insert a picture into Windows 10 WordPad and here’s how:

Open the WordPad document.

Place the cursor where you want the image to appear.

In the Insert section at the top, click Picture.

Find and select the image.

Hit the Open button.

That’s it. You can see that the image has been added to WordPad.

You can resize the image in WordPad as follows:

Select the image.

Currently, you can see some white boxes surrounding the image.

Move your mouse over it and then start resizing the image.

That’s it.

Here’s another way to accomplish this task:

Select the image.

Hit the Down arrow in the Picture which you can find in the Insert section at the top.

Click on the Resize picture option.

Enter the horizontal and vertical sizes in the pop-up.

Deselect Lock Aspect Ratio if you wish to change both horizontal and vertical sizes separately.

Once the size is set to your preference, click OK.

Here’s how you can move a picture within WordPad:

Select the picture.

Now, drag and drop it where you want it.

That’s all.

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