(2022) How to Pin Chat in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

Written by Thirumalraj

Note: I use the app (iPhone and Android phone), Web, and Desktop.

Pin Chat in WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

Here’s how you can pin WhatsApp chat:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger app.
  2. Swipe the conversion to the right if you’re using an iPhone. Tap the Pin option.
  3. Long-press the chat in the WhatsApp app if you use an Android phone. If you wish, you can select up to three conversations. Tap the Pin icon at the top.

That’s all. Note that the “Pin” symbol appears in the Chats tab for each pinned chat.

Unpin WhatsApp Chat (Android or iPhone)

To unpin a pinned WhatsApp conversation, follow the steps above. You’ll see the “Unpin.” Tap on it.

Pin Chat on WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Follow these steps to pin a particular chat on WhatsApp Web or Desktop app:

Open the WhatsApp Web or Desktop app.

Hover the mouse over the conversion on the left sidebar and click the down arrow. Or right-click on the conversation.

Select Pin chat between Exit group or Delete chat and Mark as unread or Mark as read.

That’s it.

Unpin a Chat in WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Follow the steps above to unpin; you can now see the Unpin chat. Click on it.

Here’s an alternative method to do the above tasks: click the contact or group chat you like to pin or unpin.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P if you’re on Web. Else, press Ctrl + Shift + P.


  • WhatsApp shows chats in chronological order by default.
  • WhatsApp’s “pin chat” feature lets you pin the chats you prefer.
  • When you pin a conversation, it’ll appear at the top of the Chats tab, making finding it easier and quicker. 
  • Note that no one knows when you unpin or pin a chat, and the pinned chats are always at the top until unpinned.
  • You can pin up to three conversations: contact or group chats.
  • You can’t pin a message in the group or contact chat.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.

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