How to Pin Shortcut to Start Menu in Windows 10

If you want to pin the website to the Start menu, read this guide.

Windows 10 lets you pin programs, shortcuts, sections of the Settings app, Control Panel items (not all of them), and folders to the Start Menu.

Here’s how:

Go to the place where the one you want to pin exists. It can be the Start Menu, Settings app, Control Panel (make sure the view is “Large icons” or “Small icons”), File Explorer, or desktop.

Right-click on the one you want to pin. 

Select the “Pin to Start” option. If a confirmation box appears, click “Yes.”

That’s it. This item is pinned as a tile to the Start menu.

These steps will work for some file formats, such as EXE. They will not, however, work for all. For example, they won’t work for PNG.

Here you can try the following steps:

Right-click on the file you wish to pin. Select “Create shortcut.” You’ll find the shortcut.

Right-click on the shortcut and select “Properties.” Type explorer at the beginning of the “Target” field, then hit the “Space bar” key. 

Hit the “OK” button at the bottom.

If you right-click on the shortcut, you will see the “Pin to Start” option. Select this option and then go to the Start menu. There you will see the shortcut pinned as a tile.

You can remove the shortcut if you wish, but the tile still functions without issues.

To unpin a tile from the Start menu, right-click on the tile. Select “Unpin from Start.”


By Thirumalraj

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