How to Pin to Start Menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 lets you pin apps, shortcuts, Control Panel items (not all), drives, and folders to the Start Menu.

You can also see the steps to add the file to the Start menu. Let’s begin with those mentioned above.

Pin an App, Drive, or Folder into the Windows 11 Start Menu

Go to the place where the one you want to pin exists.

It can be the Start Menu, Control Panel (make sure the view is “Large icons” or “Small icons”), File Explorer, or desktop.

Right-click on the one you want to pin. 

Select the “Pin to Start” option.

That’s it. You can find the item in the Start menu’s Pinned section.

Pin a File into the Windows 11 Start Menu

Here are the steps:

Right-click on the file you wish to pin and hit Show more options in the context menu.

Select “Create shortcut,” and you’ll now find the shortcut.

Right-click on the shortcut and select “Properties.”

Type explorer at the beginning of the “Target” field and hit the “Space bar” key. 

Hit the “OK” button at the bottom.

Right-click on the shortcut now, and you will see the “Pin to Start” option. Select it.

That’s all. Open the Start menu, and see it in the Pinned section.

If you wish, you can remove the shortcut you’ve created above, and the one you pinned will function without issues.

How to Unpin from the Start Menu

To unpin from the Start menu, follow these steps:

Right-click on the one you want to unpin.

Select “Unpin from Start,” and that’s it.

I hope this guide, “How to Pin to Start Menu in Windows 11,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.