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How to Delete Play Store History

Written by Thirumalraj

Here you’ll see the steps to clear your Google Play Store history. I’m using Pixel 4a (Android 12).

Delete Play Store History

Here are the steps:

Launch the Play Store app and hit your profile picture in the top right.

Select Settings > General > Account and device preferences.

Tap “Clear device search history,” which you can find under the History section. In the confirmation popup, hit “Clear history.”

That’s it.

You’ve removed your search history from your Android device, not your Google account.

Remember that both the Android device and the Google account save each search.

Follow the steps below to remove the search history from your Google account:

Go to this URL in your browser. Hit Data & privacy > Web & App Activity > Manage activity.

Hit the “Filter” icon below the search box, select “Google Play Store,” and then hit the “Apply” button.

You can now see all the searches you made, notifications you received, and apps you visited in the Play Store together with the Play Store visit.

To delete a single item, hit X beside it. If you see a popup, hit “Delete” on it.

If you want to remove items from an entire day, follow these steps (Remember that this will remove the whole history of the day):

  1. Hit X next to the date.
  1. If you see a popup, hit “Delete” on it.

To remove it all at once, hit “Delete” below the search box at the top and then the “Delete” button.

Thanks for reading.