How to Create Poll in WhatsApp
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How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp and Telegram

You can create polls on WhatsApp and Telegram, and let’s see how.

Create a Poll on WhatsApp

Note that you can create a poll in the group and contact chats and delete a poll like a typical WhatsApp message.

Android or iPhone

Open the WhatsApp app and hit the conversation you want.

Hit the “+” icon beside the compose box.

Tap “Poll,” and you’ll be in the “Create Poll” screen.

Poll option
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Create Poll screen
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Type the question in the first field.

You need to add a minimum of two options, and the maximum number of options you can add is 12. Beneath “Options,” you can see two fields for options.

After you provide the two options, you can see the third field appears. Note that a new field appears once you fill in the last one.

If you like to reorder the options, use the icon beside the option for that.

After you’ve provided all the options, tap “Send” at the top right to send the poll.

Tap an option to vote for it. In the poll, you can see the “View Votes,” as the name indicates, for viewing the votes. Tap it, and you’ll be on the “Poll Details” screen. Here, you can see who voted for which option and when they voted.

Note that a person can vote for more than one option, and both the sender and recipient can see the “Poll Details” screen.

Note that the poll creator can also vote, and a person can vote or remove their vote anytime.

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Open the WhatsApp Desktop app and hit the chat you prefer.

At the bottom, you can see the “Paper clip” icon. Hit it, and you can see the “Poll” option.

Click on it and provide the question in the first field of the popup.

In the second field, provide the option, and you can now view a new field that appears.

Provide the option in it since the poll needs a minimum of two options.

The icon beside each field in the “Options” section is for reordering.

Hit the “Send” button, and that’s all.


In WhatsApp Web, open the conversation you like.

You can see the “Paper clip” icon beside the compose box at the bottom. Hit it and select “Poll.”

The first field is for the question in the “Create Poll” popup. Provide your poll question.

The remaining fields are for poll options. Provide them.

After you have provided all the options you want, hit the “Send” icon.


Create a Telegram Poll

Note that:

  • The poll feature is available for groups and channels and unavailable for private chats.
  • You at least need to input two options to create a poll.
  • If you don’t want the group members to create a poll, follow the steps in this guide.

Let’s see the steps to create a poll on Telegram.

Android or iPhone

In the Telegram app, open the channel or group you like.

Tap the “Paper clip” icon and select “Poll.”

The first field is for the question, and provide yours there.

Give your option in the “Answer options” section on Android or the “Poll Options” section on iPhone.

On Android, to add another option, tap “Add an Option” and provide that. In the case of the iPhone, while you’re providing an option, a field to enter another one appears automatically.

Poll question and answers
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You can add up to 10 options.

On Android, beside each one, you can see two icons. The one on the left is for reordering, and another is for deleting.

On iPhone, beside each option, you can see the icon, which you can use to reorder. To delete an option, slide it to the left and tap “Delete.”

You can see these three options:

Three options regarding Telegram poll
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Anonymous Voting – Only the number of votes will be shown to everyone, not who voted when you enabled this option.

If this one is not enabled, tapping the “View Results” will show how many votes and who voted for which option.

Multiple Answers – This one allows others to choose more than one answer. Remember that you can’t enable this one and the next simultaneously.

Quiz Mode – Enable this to create a quiz. You need to choose one of the options as the correct one, and beneath, you can find a field where you can enter the explanation, which is optional.

Explanation field
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If you want to enable any of the above, turn on the toggle switch beside it.

Tap the “Create” (on Android) or “Send” (on iPhone) at the top right, and the poll is available to everyone on the group or channel.

If the “Multiple Answers” is not enabled, tap the option to vote. Else, select the options you prefer and hit “Vote.”

If you like to retract your vote, long press (on iPhone) or tap (on Android) the poll and tap “Retract Vote.”

Note that if the “Anonymous” option is enabled, you’ll be notified in the poll with the label “Anonymous Poll.”

In the “Anonymous Poll,” everyone can see the number of votes in the poll.

If the “Quiz Mode” is enabled, after the selection of the answer, people can see “Tick” beside the correct one, and tapping the “Bulb” icon will show the explanation. You can only find the latter if you’ve chosen the wrong answer.

You can see how many people answered in the quiz or by tapping “View Results.”

Note that you can’t retract here. To stop the quiz, long press (on iPhone) or tap (on Android) it, hit “Stop Quiz,” and “Stop” or “Stop Quiz.”

Web or Desktop

Hit the channel or group you prefer on the Desktop or Web.

On the Desktop, click on the three vertical dots at the top right. On the Web, hit the “Paper clip” icon at the bottom.

Select “Create poll” (on Desktop) or “Poll” (on Web) and provide the question in the first field.

In the second field, provide the option. While doing it, you can see a field to give another one.

Once you have done providing options, enable or disable “Anonymous Voting,” “Multiple Answers,” and “Quiz Mode” as per your liking. To know about these, please check the above section.

Click “Create,” and that’s it.