How to Change Recycle Bin Storage Size in Windows 10

Each drive has its own Recycle Bin. However, you can view the contents of each drive’s Recycle Bin when you open the Recycle Bin.

The size of every drive’s Recycle Bin is set by default, but can be changed.

Here’s how you can change the size of the Recycle Bin in Windows 10:

Right-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop and select Properties, or open the Recycle Bin, right-click on the empty space and select Properties.

Now you can see the Recycle Bin Properties window.

You can see the drives on your PC at the top.

Choose the one for which you want to change the Recycle Bin size.

Be sure Custom Size is selected.

In the field beside “Maximum size,” you will need to specify the size of the Recycle Bin. The numbers here represent megabytes (MB).

Hit the OK button. 

That’s all.


You can also see these two options in the Recycle Bin Properties pop-up:

  • Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.
  • Display delete confirmation dialog.

You can learn more about the former in this article, while the latter can be found here.


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