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How to Rename Multiple Files at Once in Android

Written by Thirumalraj

In this post, you will see:

  • How to rename a file or folder in Android
  • How to rename multiple files in Android

Let’s start.

How to Rename a File or Folder on an Android Phone

In this case, I use the Files app, but you can use any other file manager like the Astro File Manager app.

Let’s look at the steps.

Open the Files app on your Android device.

Tap Browse if you are not currently on it.

Tap Internal storage or your SD card at the bottom.

Select the file or folder you want to rename.

Click on the three vertical dots > Rename that you will find under Copy to.

Enter the name in the popup window and then press the OK button.

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How to Rename Multiple Files in Android

Install and open the Renamer app.

Would you mind going through the information or closing it?

Provide permission for the app.

Tap Add Storage and then import the storage you prefer.

Now select the files you prefer. Note that you can select the files in the same or different places.

Once you have done this, tap the bottom right arrow.

Now select the name format and apply the modifiers according to your wishes.

The available modifiers are:

  • Change Case
  • Change Extension
  • Add characters at position
  • Trim whitespaces
  • Remove characters
  • Remove multiple characters
  • Remove characters by type
  • Remove characters at position
  • Remove characters matched by regex
  • Replace characters
  • Replace characters matched by regex

Then tap the right arrow at the bottom.

Now you can see two selections regarding the output:

Replace files – it will rename the original files.

Copy Files – new files will be created with the selected conditions.

Press the Start button.

That’s all.