How to Tag or Reply on Telegram or WhatsApp
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How to Tag or Reply on Telegram or WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to reply and tag on Telegram and WhatsApp.

Also, you’ll view the different ways to read and reply to WhatsApp messages without appearing online and the steps to reply privately on the WhatsApp group. Let’s start.

Tag Someone on the Telegram or WhatsApp Group

You can mention people in a group, not in contact or in private conversation.

Note that you can tag people while replying, and the steps below apply to Android, iPhone, Desktop, and Web.

Also, note that you can’t mention everyone in the Telegram or WhatsApp group at once. But you can add all the group members using the steps below.

Here are the steps:

Hit a group conversation you want in the Telegram or WhatsApp app, Web, or Desktop.

Type @ in the compose box at the bottom, and you can see a list of the group’s participants. Hit the name of the person you wish to tag.

List of group participants
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List of participant names on Telegram
List of group members
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List of member names on WhatsApp

You can mention more members using the above step.

Add a message and hit the “Send” button to send it.


  • Tagged persons will receive a notification even if they have muted the group. This one doesn’t apply if you’ve been muted.
  • They will see a @ symbol in the group chat, receiving their tagged message.
  • You can’t tag yourself on the WhatsApp or Telegram group.

The below points apply to WhatsApp only.

  • In this WhatsApp message, anyone who taps their name (for example, S) will be on the “Contact Info” screen of S. It’ll take them to the chat screen of S on the Web and Desktop.
  • You’ll see the first and last names when you mention a contact. If you tag someone not in your contacts, you’ll view the one they have on their WhatsApp account.
  • You can apply the above steps in the photo “Caption” field.

Reply to a Message on Telegram or WhatsApp

Here are some important things to note before you proceed:

  • You can reply to a message which is yours or others.
  • Hit on the quoted message will take you to the message you’ve quoted.
  • To cancel the quoted message before sending it, hit “X” in quoted message preview.
  • You can’t quote a part of a Telegram or WhatsApp message.
  • Not only text, but you can also quote media. Also, note that you can tag while replying.

Let’s see the steps to reply.

iPhone or Android

Open the WhatsApp or Telegram app.

Hit a contact or group chat that you want.

Long-press the message you wish. If you’re using Telegram for Android, hit it.

Choose the “Reply” option. If you’re using WhatsApp for Android, tap the “Reply” icon.

Reply option on Telegram for iPhone
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Reply option on Telegram for iPhone
Reply option
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Reply option on WhatsApp for iPhone

Type the response and hit the “Send” button.

Alternatively, you can reply to a particular message by swiping it to the left (on Telegram) or right (on WhatsApp). The rest are the same as above.

Web or Desktop

Open the Telegram Web or launch the WhatsApp or Telegram Desktop app.

Hit the chat and right-click on the message. Click “Reply” and type your message in the compose box at the bottom. Hit the “Send” icon.

Alternatively, double-click on the right or left side of the message, type your reply, and send it. This one applies to the Telegram and WhatsApp Web and Desktop.

Here’s another alternate way, which is for Telegram Desktop and WhatsApp Web:

Hover over the received message on the Desktop or anyone on the Web.

On the Desktop, hit the “Reply” option if you’re on the group chat. On the Web, click the “Down arrow” and “Reply.”

Type your message and hit “Send.”

Reply Privately on WhatsApp

You can’t reply privately on Telegram. But on WhatsApp, you can.

“Reply privately” is an option to reply privately to a specific message on WhatsApp group chat.

When you use this option, you can see the quoted message preview of the group chat message on the chat screen of the message’s sender, and you need to type your response and send it.

iPhone or Android

In the WhatsApp app, tap the group conversation and long-press the message.

On Android, tap the three vertical dots at the top right. Hit “More” if you’re using iPhone.

Select “Reply Privately.”

Reply Privately option
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Type your message in the compose box and tap the “Send” icon.

Web or Desktop

In the WhatsApp Web or Desktop app, click on the group chat.

Please hover over the message on the Web and click the down arrow. On the Desktop, right-click on it.

Click the “Reply privately” option above “React to message.” Please type in your response and send it.

Send a Private Message to a WhatsApp Group Member

The difference between the above and this one is that the former lets you send the reply with a quoted message to a particular person in the group, and the latter lets you send the message to a specific person.

Let’s see how to send a private message to a group member on Telegram and WhatsApp.

Here are the steps to send a private message to a WhatsApp group member:

Open the group chat and hit the name at the top. On the Desktop, select “Participants.”

Find the group participant and hit it.

On iPhone, hit the “Info” option above “Dismiss as Admin.” Hit the “message” option.

On Android, hit the “Message (name of the person)” option.

Type your message in the compose box and hit the “Send” icon.

Here are the steps if you’re a Telegram user:

Open the group chat and hit the member’s profile picture beside their message on the conversation.

Alternatively, you can hit the group name at the top and find the member. Once you find the participant, hit their name.

On Android, you can see the “Message” icon. On iPhone, you can view the “message” button. Tap it, and you’ll be on the chat screen of that person. Please type your message and send it.

On the Desktop app, click on the “Send Message” option. You’ll be on that person’s chat screen. Type the message and click “Send.”

On the Web, type your message and click on the “Send” icon.

Reply on WhatsApp Without Appearing Online

Method #1 – Notification

You can reply using the notification, and here’s how on Android:

If your device is unlocked, slide down, and you’ll view a notification regarding the WhatsApp message. Hit the “Reply” option, type your response, and send it.

If your phone is locked, you’ll see a down arrow in the notification regarding the WhatsApp message you received on the lock screen. Hit it. Tap “Reply” and unlock your device. Please type in your response and send it.

Reply option
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If you’re using an iPhone, long press the notification regarding the WhatsApp message and type your reply. Hit the “Send” option to send it.

Method #2 – Airplane Mode (Android Only)

Enable airplane mode on your device.

Turned on Airplane mode
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In the WhatsApp app, tap the chat and read the message. Type your reply and hit the “Send” icon.

Close WhatsApp and disable airplane mode on your device.

Method #3 – Last Seen

You need to turn off the last seen on WhatsApp. If you wish, you can also turn off the read receipts.

Remember that when you turn them off, you also can’t see anyone’s last seen and read receipts.

To disable the last seen, choose “Nobody” for the “Last seen and online.” Turn off the “Read Receipts” option to disable read receipts.

Method #4 – Siri (iPhone only)

This is the final way to read and reply on WhatsApp without appearing online.

Here are the steps:

Ask Siri to read WhatsApp messages unread. To do this, say, “Read unread WhatsApp messages” after saying, “Hey, Siri.”

It’ll read them and ask if you want to reply. Say “Yes,” provide your reply and send it.