How to Rotate an Image in Windows 10

You can choose any of the following methods to accomplish this task.

Method #1

Launch File Explorer.

Select an image or, if you would like to rotate multiple photos in one go, select them all.

If you right-click on it, two options will appear – “Rotate right” and “Rotate left.”

The former rotates the image to the right and the latter to the left.

Use the option until the image is as you wish.

Follow these steps to complete the same task:

Open File Explorer.

Choose the image(s). On the ribbon, select “Picture Tools.” You can see the “Rotate left” and “Rotate right” options, which you can use to rotate the picture. Use the option until the image is as you like it.


Select the image(s). Alt, J, P, R, L keys are used to rotate left, and Alt, J, P, R, R keys to turn right. Use the shortcuts until the picture is in the way you prefer.

Method #2

Using Microsoft Photos, you can rotate your photos. Here’s how: 

Open the picture in the Photos app. 

To rotate, click the “Rotate” icon at the top or press CTRL and R. 

You can now see that the image has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise. 

Use the icon or shortcut until the image is in the way you want.

Method #3

Open the image in Paint

Click “Rotate.” 

You can now see the following options: 

  • Rotate right 90
  • Rotate left 90
  • Rotate 180
  • Flip vertical
  • Flip horizontal 

Rotate the image as you wish using these options.

I hope this guide, “How to Rotate an Image in Windows 10,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.