How to Save Searches on Twitter

Written by Thirumalraj

Let’s see the steps to save a search on the Twitter desktop and app. I use Windows 11 PC and Google Pixel 4a (Android 12).

Note: You can’t save a search on Twitter for iPhone.

How to Save Twitter Searches

Here are the steps:

Sign in to Twitter and see the search box at the top right.

Type the search term into it and hit the “Enter” key.

Once you see the search results, click on the three horizontal dots at the top.

Click on the “Save search” option.

That’s it.

How to Save Searches on the Twitter App

Here are the steps:

Open the Twitter app and tap the “Search” icon at the bottom.

Type the search term in the search box at the top.

Hit the “Search” button on the keyboard.

Tap the three vertical dots at the top right and tap “Save this search.”

That’s all.


There are two types of searches (regular and saved) on Twitter. Let’s see both.

Regular Search

It is the search you made on Twitter, but Twitter didn’t save it.

When you place the cursor on or tap the Twitter search box, you’ll see the regular searches under the “Recent searches” or “Recent” section.

Remember, regular searches are only available on the device you’re using to search.

For example: if you search on Twitter for Android, it’ll be available in the app only.

Saved Search

Saved searches are searches you’ve saved on Twitter. Each Twitter account can have up to twenty-five saved searches.

When you place the cursor on or tap the search box, you’ll see your saved searches under the “Saved searches” or “Saved” section.

Remember, you can view your saved searches wherever you use your Twitter account.

For example, you saved a search on a PC. You can see that one on the Twitter app.


  • All regular searches will get deleted automatically when you log out from Twitter (app and the desktop version). The saved searches remain intact.

Thanks for reading.

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