How to Search for a Word or Phrase on a Web Page in Edge

Let’s see how to do this task on PC, iPhone and Android.


Open Edge browser.

Press CTRL + F (or click on the three horizontal dots at the top right > Find on page) on the web page.

Enter the word or phrase you want to search for in the “Find” bar at the top.

When you enter a word or phrase, the Edge browser highlights all instances of it on the page.

The total number of appearances of your search term can also be seen beside your search term.

You can also see the up and down arrows on the Find bar.

By clicking up, you’ll go to the previous instance of the word or phrase you typed, and by clicking down, you’ll go to the next instance.

Android or iPhone

Go to the desired web page in the Edge app.

Tap the button with the three horizontal dots below.

Click on the “Find on page” option.

Enter the search term into the Find bar at the top.

When you type, the app highlights all instances of the search term. The total number of instances is shown next to the search term.

If you wish, you can press:

  • The Up arrow – Takes you to the previous instances.
  • The Down arrow – Takes you to the following instances.
  • X – Close the Find bar. If you’re on an iPhone, then tap Done to close the Find bar.