How to Set Homepage on Edge and Change the Startup Page

Any web page can be set up as the Microsoft Edge homepage. I will set “Google” as my homepage here.

The first page you see when you open your browser is called the “Startup Page.”

In this post, you’ll see how to change the startup page on Edge and set up the homepage.

In this case, I use a PC, iPhone and an Android. Let’s begin.

How to Set Homepage on Edge


Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

In the top right corner, click on the three horizontal dots.

Then, click on “Settings.”

On the left sidebar, click “Appearance.”

Turn on the “Show home button” if not already and select the blank field (second option).

As the homepage, enter the desired URL. I entered the URL of Google.

Next to the field, click “Save.”

That’s it. Whenever you click the “Home” button in the Edge toolbar, you’ll be taken to the URL you entered.

Here’s how you can return to the default homepage on Edge: Select the first option (New tab page), which can be found under the “Show home button.”


Launch the Microsoft Edge app.

Press the button with the three horizontal points below.

Then tap “Settings.”

Hit on the “Home page.”

Choose “A specific page.”

Enter the URL you wish to set as your homepage.

Then hit “Save.”

That’s all.

To return to the default setting, follow the steps above and tap the “New tab page.”

How to Change the Edge Startup Page


Open Edge browser.

Click the three horizontal dots at the top right and then Settings.

On the left sidebar, click On startup.

You now have three options:

Open a new tab – the default option.

Continue where you left off – open the browser with the page(s) you were viewing before closing it.

Open a specific page or pages – to set the specific page(s). Selecting this will require you to use one of the following buttons:

  • Add a new page – to set a specific page.
  • Use all open tabs – to set all the open tabs.

Pick the one you like.

That’s all.


Open the Edge app.

Hit the three horizontal dots at the bottom.

Hit Settings > Advanced settings.

You will now see these options:

  • Continue browsing where I left off
  • Open a new tab page

Choose the one you prefer.

Hit Done at the top right.

That’s it.