How to Remove Recently Used Files and Frequently Used Folders

By default, recently used files and frequently used folders are displayed in Windows 11 Quick access. If you want to remove those from Quick access, here are the steps: Open File Explorer Options. You can complete this task by following these steps: Open Run by pressing Windows + R. Type control folders and then press […]

How to Hide or Display Folder Size Information in Folder Tips

Windows 11 displays folder size information when you hover over a folder by default. If you do not want to see the folder size information, follow these steps: Open the File Explorer Options. Follow these steps to complete this task: Press Windows + R. Type control folders and then press Enter. Go to the View […]

How to Restore Previous Folder Windows at Logon

Imagine having two folders open on your PC – Documents and Downloads – and you shut down, restart, or log off from your computer when both folders are open. By default, you’ll only see the desktop next time you log in. If you want the opened folders to be automatically opened the next time you […]

How to Hide or Show Folder Merge Conflicts in Windows 11

Say you copy or move the folder A from Downloads to Documents. Documents already contain the folder A. By default, you are not notified that the destination folder has a folder with the same name and the folders are merged. If you wish to be notified and decide on merging folders, please follow the steps […]

How to Open a Folder in a New or Same Window

In Windows 11, How Do I Open a Folder? By default, the folder opens in the same window. A folder can be opened by double-clicking it, or by right-clicking it and selecting “Open” from the context menu. Alternatively, you can select the folder and then press the Enter key. Note: To open a folder in […]