How to Install or Change Theme in Notepad++

Installing and changing themes in Notepad++ is a simple task. Let’s see how to do this on Windows 10. Steps to Install Theme First, you need to download the Notepad++ theme. Once you’ve done that, just copy that theme XML file. Open the Run Command Box by pressing Windows + R. Type %appdata% and then […]

How to Change Default Font and Background Color in Notepad++

You will learn how to change the default font and background color in Notepad++ in this post. In this instance, I’m using Windows 10. Let’s get started. How to Change Default Background and Font Color in Notepad++ Open Notepad++. Hit Settings at the top. Hit Style Configurator. In the Style Configurator pop-up, you will see […]

How to Remove Duplicate Lines in Notepad++

Let’s see how to remove duplicate lines from Notepad++ in Windows 10. Steps Open Notepad++ file. Hit Edit at the top. Hover your mouse over Line Operations above Comment/Uncomment. You now have two options: Remove Duplicate Lines – will eliminate duplicate lines from the document. Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines – this will remove duplicate lines […]

How to Remove Blank Lines from Notepad++

Let’s look at two ways to get rid of blank lines in Notepad++ in Windows 10. Method #1 Open Notepad++ file. Hit Edit at the top. Hover your mouse over Line Operations, located just above Comment/Uncomment. Now you can see these two options: Remove Empty Lines – this will remove blank lines. Remove Empty Lines […]

How to Comment Out Multiple Lines in Notepad++

You can comment out multiple lines in Notepad++ by following these steps: Open Notepad++ document. Select the lines that you want to comment out. Press Ctrl + Shift + Q. That’s all. You can uncomment lines by selecting them. After that, select Block Uncomment by clicking Edit > Comment/Uncomment. The alternative ways are as follows: […]