Notepad Shortcuts and How to Add Notepad

This post will show you how to add Notepad to your desktop, File Explorer, Start menu, Send to menu, taskbar, and right-click menu. You will also see the shortcut keys for Notepad. In this case, I am using a Windows 10 PC. Let’s get started. Notepad Shortcuts Shortcut Action F10 or left Alt Displays or […]

How to Open the Notepad App in Windows 10

Here you will find instructions on how to open Notepad in Windows 10 along with answers to some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started. Where to Find Notepad in Windows 10 Method #1 To open Notepad, follow these steps: Enter notepad into the Start menu and click the Notepad app in the search results. Method […]

How to Run Notepad as an Administrator

In this post, you will learn how to run Notepad as an administrator, as well as how to create a shortcut that lets you launch Notepad as an administrator. In this case, I am using a Windows 10 PC. Let’s get started. How to Open Notepad as an Administrator Method #1 Press the Start button […]

How to Reset Notepad in Windows 10

Below you will find the steps for resetting Notepad in Windows 10. Note that when resetting Notepad, all settings such as font, window size and position will be reset. Let’s go through the steps. Steps Open the Registry Editor. The steps to perform this task are: Press Windows + R. Then type regedit into the […]

How to Install or Uninstall Notepad

In this post, you will learn how to install and uninstall Notepad, as well as how to remove a Notepad document. Let’s get started. How to Install Notepad in Windows 10 Right-click on the “Start” button. Click on the “Apps and Features” option. Click on the Optional features link in the Apps & Features section. […]