How to Open the Settings App in Windows 11

In this post, you will learn six different ways to access Windows 11’s Settings. I will also show you how to make a shortcut to the Settings. Let’s start with the former. Method #1 Open the Start menu. Click on the Settings app in the search results after typing settings. Method #2 To open the […]

How to Open Personalization Settings in Windows 11

Learn about three different ways to open Windows 11 personalization settings and how to create a personalization settings shortcut in this post. Let’s get started. How to Open Personalization Settings in Windows 11 Method #1 – Open Settings by pressing Windows + I. Hit “Personalization” in the left sidebar. Method #2 – Right-click on blank […]

How to Open This PC Instead of Quick Access

By default, Windows 11 File Explorer opens Quick access. If you want File Explorer to open This PC instead of Quick access, follow the steps below: Open the File Explorer Options. You can complete this task by following these steps: Open Run by pressing Windows + R. Type control folders and then press the Enter […]

How to Open Edge in Windows 10

With this post, you can learn how to open Edge in Windows 10 and create a shortcut for it. Let’s begin with the former. Method #1 Hit the Edge icon in the taskbar. Method #2 Double-click on the Edge shortcut on your desktop. If you can’t find it, then you can create one with the […]

How to Open the Action Center and What to Do if it Doesn’t Open

In this post, you’ll find different ways to open the action center in Windows 10.  You’ll also see what to do if the action center doesn’t open. Let’s start with the former. Method #1 Press Windows + A simultaneously. Method #2 At the right end of the taskbar, click the action center icon. This one […]