How to Auto Restart Your PC

In this article, you can learn how to automatically restart your computer once or repeatedly. Method #1 Launch Run Command Box. Type the following: shutdown -r -t 240 Your computer will automatically restart in 4 minutes (in this case, 240 is the number of seconds, i.e., 4 minutes) after you have executed the above command. […]

How to Shut Down Windows 10 PC Manually

In this post, you’ll see how to shut down your Windows 10 PC manually. Let’s get started. Method #1 Open the Start menu. Click on the Power icon, which is under the Gear icon. Now, click on the Shut down option to shut down the PC. Method #2 Press Alt + F4 (make sure you are […]

How to Auto Shut Down Windows 10 PC

You can use either of the following two methods to shut down the Windows 10 computer at a specific time (once or repeatedly). Method #1 Launch Run Command. Type the following command in it: shutdown -s -t 300 The above command will automatically shut down the computer after 5 minutes (in the command, 300 mean […]

How to Remove Shut Down, Sleep, Hibernate, and Restart from Start Menu

In this post, you’ll learn how to remove Shut Down, Sleep, Hibernate, and Restart options from your Start menu, login screen, Power user menu and Windows security screen. By removing these options, you prevent users from shutting down, restarting, and hibernating the PC. Additionally, you prevent them from putting the system to sleep. Here are […]

How to Prevent Users from Deleting Printers

You will learn how to prevent users from deleting printers (local and network) in this post. Here are the different methods for completing this task. Pick the one you prefer. Method #1 Launch local group policy editor. Navigate to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Printers. Then double-click “Prevent deletion of […]