How to Force Close a Program in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can forcefully terminate an unresponsive program. Let’s look at different ways to do it in detail. Method #1 Navigate to the Processes tab in Task Manager. Select the process you wish to terminate. Press the Delete key or Alt + E or End Task button or right-click on the process and […]

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

Startup Programs are the programs that run automatically when you log into your user account or the computer is powered on. You should check your startup programs and disable those that are unnecessary to ensure your PC boots faster. Let’s take a look at how you can disable and enable startup programs in Windows 10. […]

How to Restart File Explorer in Windows 10

Here are four ways you can complete this task. Let’s see what they are. Method #1 Open the Task Manager. You are on the Processes tab. Note: In the Task Manager, click “More details” if you see no tabs. You will now see the Processes tab. Right-click on “Windows Explorer.” Choose “Restart” from the context […]