How to Open Taskbar Settings in Windows 11

In this post, learn how to open Windows 11 taskbar settings and create a shortcut for it. Let’s get started. Method #1 Right-click on the empty area of the taskbar. In the context menu, select “Taskbar settings.” Method #2 Open the Settings app. Click on the “Personalization” in the left sidebar. Choose “Taskbar” on the […]

How to Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Windows 11

By default, the taskbar is always visible. However, you can set it to hide automatically, and here’s how you do it: Steps Right-click the taskbar blank area and then click Taskbar settings. Expand the “Taskbar behaviors” on the right. Beneath the Taskbar alignment, you can see the Automatically hide the taskbar. Select it. That’s all. […]