(2022) How to Underline Text in WhatsApp

Written by Thirumalraj

WhatsApp offers the option of bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace.

But the WhatsApp Messenger app (Android and iPhone), Desktop, and Web don’t offer the option to underline text.

But you can do that on WhatsApp using the steps below. Remember that the steps are only for the Android device.

Underline in WhatsApp

Here are the steps to underline text in WhatsApp:

Install and open the Blue Words app.

Once on the main screen, find and hit “Underlined words.”

In the “Write here,” type your WhatsApp message.

You can see the preview at the top. Hit the Copy icon beside the preview to copy the underlined message.

Now open the WhatsApp Messenger app and tap the chat (group or contact) you prefer.

Long press in the compose box at the bottom and hit the Paste option.

Hit the Send button, and that’s it.


If you wish, you can follow these steps after typing your message in the app, as said in the above steps.

Hit the Share icon at the bottom right.

In the popup, at the top, you can see Share with WhatsApp. Hit Just once.

Choose the WhatsApp chat you prefer.

Hit the Arrow icon at the bottom right.

Now you can see the underlined message in the compose box of your chosen conversation.

Hit the Send icon, and that’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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