What Version of Edge Do I Have?

To find your Edge version, follow these steps. Here, I’m using an Android phone, an iPhone, and a PC. Let’s begin.


Launch the Edge browser.

In the upper right corner, click on the three horizontal dots.

Move the mouse over “Help and feedback.”

Click “About Microsoft Edge.”

You can now see the version of your Edge browser at the top right.

Alternative Methods

  • Type the following into the Edge address bar and press the “Enter” key: edge://settings/help
  • In the Edge address bar, type the following and then press the “Enter” key: edge://version


Open the Edge app.

At the bottom, tap the three horizontal dots.

Hit Settings > About this app.

You can find the Edge version under “App version.”


Open the Edge app.

Tap the three horizontal dots at the bottom.

Hit Settings.

Scroll down until you reach the bottom.

You can see the version of your Edge app next to Version.

That’s all.