What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp?

You can block and unblock someone on WhatsApp anytime you want.

You can block people who can be your contact or unsaved number.

Remember that the following applies when you block someone from your Android phone, iPhone, WhatsApp Web, or Desktop app.

WhatsApp will not notify them you’ve blocked them when you block contact or unsaved number.

And there are certain things that they can’t do regarding you after blocking. Let’s see what they are in this post.

What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp?

Here are the things that will happen:

WhatsApp will not deliver the blocked contact’s messages to you. The old messages from them are unaffected. Remember that you, too, can’t send messages to them before unblocking them.

And they can’t make you WhatsApp calls (video and voice). Their old call records are unaffected. Remember that, like the messages, you can’t call them until you unblock them.

The media sent by them are unaffected.

They can’t see your online and last seen. You, too, can’t view theirs.

They can’t view your profile picture and status updates.

Blocking doesn’t affect the group chat. If you and your blocked contact are in the same WhatsApp group, they can see your message in that group chat. You, too, can see theirs.

WhatsApp will not remove it from your phone’s Contacts app or WhatsApp contact list if you block a contact.

That’s it.

If you wish to let your blocked contact communicate with you on WhatsApp like others, you need to unblock them.

That’s all.

I hope this guide, “What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp,” is helpful to you.

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