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Fix WhatsApp Call Stuck on Connecting Problem

This guide is for you if you’re facing a WhatsApp call stuck at connecting issue.

Try the below solutions until the problem is fixed.

I use Google Pixel 4a (Android 12), and iPhone X. Let’s begin.

Fix WhatsApp Call Stuck at Connecting Issue

Solution 1

Make sure the internet connection you have on your device is stable.

Solution 2

Check the WhatsApp server status. If there is no issue with the server, try the below solutions.

Solution 3

Restart your device.

Here’s how you can restart your Android phone:

Long press the Power button on your device.

Hit the Restart option, and that’s all.

Here’s how you can reboot your iPhone:

Open the Settings app and select “General.”

Scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the Shut Down. Hit it.

Slide the Power icon to the right, and your device will shut down.

Now press the “Power” button until your iPhone turn on.

That’s it.

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Solution 4

Make sure the version of WhatsApp you have is the latest. If that’s not the case, update it.

Solution 5 (iPhone only)

If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app and hit WhatsApp.

Enable the Mobile Data option. If it is already enabled, leave it intact.

Solution 6

Disable the “Use Less Data for Calls” option. Here’s how you can do that on an iPhone:

On WhatsApp, hit Settings at the bottom. Select Storage and Data.

Disable “Use Less Data for Calls,” which you can find in the Network section.

That’s all.

If you’re using Android, follow these steps:

Open the WhatsApp messenger app and hit the three vertical dots on the top right.

Select Settings > Storage and data.

Turn off “Use less data for calls.” You can find this one beneath “Network usage.”

That’s it.

Solution 7

If you’re using an iPhone, here are the steps for disabling low data mode for mobile data:

Open the Settings app.

Hit Cellular > Cellular Data Options. Disable Low Data Mode.

That’s it.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, you need to do this for that.

If you’re using an Android phone, here are the steps to disable the data saver:

Open the Settings app, and select Network & internet.

Hit Data Saver and disable Use Data Saver.

That’s it.

Solution 8

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. I suggest a backup before proceeding with this.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.