How to Send WhatsApp Messages using Google Assistant

In this post, you’ll see the steps to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant.

You can also make it do other things regarding WhatsApp, such as reading messages and making calls.

Make sure your Google Assistant is working before proceeding with the steps.

I use Google Pixel 4a (Android 12). Let’s start.

Note: Check out this guide if you like to do these tasks using Siri.

Send Messages on WhatsApp Without Typing using the Google Assistant

Here are the steps:

Say “Okay, Google” on your Android phone, and Google Assistant will pop out.

Say “Send a WhatsApp message,” and it’ll ask to whom you want to send a message.

Once you tell that, it’ll ask you the message. Provide it.

It’ll ask whether you want to send it. Say Send, and it’ll send the message. You need to do this step one time only. Later, it’ll send the message without asking.

That’s it.

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Here are some essential things to note:

You can use this command too to do the above task: Say “Hey, Google” and say “Send a WhatsApp message to X.” X is a contact name.

You can’t send a message to the group using the Assistant.

You can make it send a WhatsApp voice message, and here’s how: Say “Hey, Google” and say “WhatsApp audio message.”

It’ll ask for the contact name. Provide it. It’ll ask you to confirm the contact, do it.

Now provide your WhatsApp voice message. It’ll ask whether to send it. Say Send, and that’s all.

You can make Google Assistant launch the WhatsApp Messenger app by saying these commands:

“Hey, Google” and “Open WhatsApp.”

To make it read unread WhatsApp messages, use these commands:

“Hey, Google” and “Read WhatsApp messages.”

The Assistant will ask you to provide permission to access notifications. Provide it. Remember, you need to do this only one time.

Repeat the above commands.

Google Assistant will read the unread messages from each conversation and ask whether you want to reply.

That’s all.

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If you want to make a WhatsApp video and voice calls using Google Assistant, follow these steps:

Say “Hey, Google” and “Make a WhatsApp call” if you want to make a voice call.

Say “WhatsApp video call” if you want to make a video call.

It’ll ask you the contact name. Provide it, and then it’ll ask you to confirm the contact, do it.

If you didn’t provide the microphone access to WhatsApp, you’d be asked to provide it now.

That’s all.

I hope this guide, “How to Send WhatsApp Messages using Google Assistant,” is helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.