(2022) How to Create a WhatsApp Group Link

Written by Thirumalraj

This post will show you how to create a group link on WhatsApp. Remember that you need to be a group admin to do this task.

And note that anyone with the link can join the group. I use Web, Desktop, and app (Android phone and iPhone). Let’s begin.

Create a WhatsApp Group Link on Android

Here’s how you can create a Whatapp group link:

Open the WhatsApp Messenger app.

Hit the group chat you prefer.

Tap the group subject at the top.

Hit the “Invite via link” option beneath Add participants (this option is for adding persons in your contacts to the group).

You can see the WhatsApp group invite link now.

If you want to send the link via WhatsApp, use the first option.

The second option, Copy link, is for copying the link. The third one Share link, is for sharing the link.

QR code is for adding others to the group via QR code. “Reset link,” as the name indicates, resets the group invitation link.

If you hit the three vertical dots at the top right, you can see this option: Write NFC tag.

That’s all.

Create a WhatsApp Group Link on iPhone

On WhatsApp for iPhone, hit the group chat you like. Tap the group name at the top.

Or slide the conversation to the left, and you can see More beside Archive. Tap it and select Group Info between Mute and Export Chat.

You can see “Invite to Group via Link” beneath the Add Participants.

Hit it, and you can see the group link.

The Share link option is for sharing the link, and the Copy Link is for copying the link.

The remaining two options are QR Code (used for adding others using QR code) and “Reset Link” (for resetting the group link).

That’s it.

Create a Group Link on WhatsApp Web or Desktop

Here are the steps:

Open the WhatsApp Desktop app or Web.

Click on your preferred group and hit the group name at the top.

Click on the “Invite to group via link” in the right sidebar.

And you can see these three options: Send link via WhatsApp, Copy link, and Reset link.

They do the same as mentioned above. Please check the above if you want to know about these options.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.

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