How to Disable WhatsApp Message Preview
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How to Disable WhatsApp Notifications and Message Preview

In this post, you’ll see the steps to turn off the WhatsApp message preview and notifications.

Also, you’ll see the steps to turn on or off WhatsApp badges. Let’s start.

Turn Off WhatsApp Notifications

To turn off notifications for an individual chat, you need to mute it. Here’s our guide to doing that.

To turn off notifications for all group or contact chats on iPhone, open WhatsApp. Hit Settings > Notifications. Turn off “Show Notifications” in the “Message Notifications” section if you want to do this for contact chats. For group conversations, turn off the same option in the “Group Notifications” section.

If you prefer to turn off in-app notifications on your iPhone, go to “Notifications” using the above steps. Hit “In-App Notifications” and select “None.”

To disable WhatsApp security notifications, follow the below steps on Android or iPhone:

Go to the “Settings” of the WhatsApp. Hit the “Account” and “Security notifications” (above “Two-step verification”).

On Android, disable “Show security notifications on this device.” On iPhone, disable “Show Security Notifications on This Phone.”

To do the same task on the WhatsApp Desktop or Web, follow these steps:

On the Desktop, hit the “Gear” icon and select “Account.” Turn off the toggle switch in the “Security” section.

On the Web, click on the three vertical dots in the left sidebar and select “Settings.” Hit “Security” and turn off “Show security notifications on this computer.”

To Turn Off All Notifications on WhatsApp

Check out the “Web or Desktop” section in this post to turn off message notifications for Web or Desktop.

Follow these steps on your iPhone:

Launch the “Settings” app and hit “WhatsApp.” Hit “Notifications” and turn off “Allow Notifications.”

To revert, turn on “Allow Notifications.” Remember that the above steps only work for messages. You still get notified whenever you receive a WhatsApp call (voice or video).

If you’re using an Android phone, follow these steps to turn off notifications for WhatsApp calls and messages:

Turn off the vibration for WhatsApp calls, and for that, open WhatsApp and hit the three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Select Settings > Notifications. In the “Calls” section, hit “Vibrate” and select “Off.”

Open the “Settings” app and hit “Apps.” Select “See all (number) apps.” Hit “WhatsApp,” and you’re in the “App “info screen of WhatsApp.

Tap “Notifications” and turn off “All WhatsApp notifications.”

Disabled All WhatsApp notifications
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That’s it.

To revert, turn on all the WhatsApp notifications by enabling “All WhatsApp notifications” and allow the vibration for WhatsApp calls.

Disable WhatsApp Message Preview

WhatsApp notifies you when you receive a message. In that notification, you can see the preview of the message.

Let’s see how to turn off the WhatsApp message preview.


The steps below will stop the notification from appearing when the device is unlocked at the screen’s top. But remember that the notification, which shows the message preview, still appears in the notification panel and lock screen.

Here are the steps:

In the WhatsApp app, hit the three vertical dots at the top right. Select Settings > Notifications.

Disable “Use high priority notifications” in the “Messages” and “Groups” sections.

Turned off Show high priority notifications
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That’s it.

You can also complete this task using the steps below. Remember, these steps only disable the message preview in the notification on the lock screen. But the notification still shows the message preview in the notification panel.

Here are the steps:

Open the “Settings” app and hit Notifications > App settings > WhatsApp. Select “Group notifications.”

Select “Lock screen” and “Show sensitive content only when unlocked.”

Hit the “Back arrow” at the top left and select “Message notifications.” Do the above step, and that’s it.


All the below steps apply to the entire WhatsApp. In other words, it applies to all contact and group chats. Here are the steps:

In WhatsApp, hit “Settings” at the bottom and select “Notifications.” At the bottom, disable “Show Preview.”

When you receive a WhatsApp message, the notification will not show the preview anymore. To revert, enable the option mentioned above.

Here’s an alternate method to do this task:

In the “Settings” app, select Notifications > WhatsApp. In the “Lock Screen Appearance” section, hit the “Show Previews” option.

You can view these three options: Always, When Unlocked, and Never. Pick the last one, and that’s it. To revert, select the second option.

Note that if you’re on WhatsApp, you can see the message preview in the notification even after following any of the above methods.

Web or Desktop

If you’re a Web user, go to “Settings” and hit “Notifications.” If you don’t want the message preview, disable “Show preview.”

To turn off notifications for messages, turn off “Message notifications,” and that’s all.

In the WhatsApp Desktop app, hit the “Gear” icon in the bottom left. Select “Notifications” and disable the “Message preview.”

Turned off Message preview
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If you don’t want the message notifications after you close the Desktop app, turn off “When WhatsApp is closed.” You can turn off the message notifications by disabling the “Messages” option.

Turn On or Off WhatsApp Badges

On iPhone, if you receive a WhatsApp message while not in the app, you’ll see the count of those unread messages in the “WhatsApp” icon. And the count remains on the icon until you open the app.

On Android, you’ll view a dot on the “WhatsApp” icon if you receive a message while not in the WhatsApp app. And the dot remains on the icon until you open the app.

If you don’t want that notification badge or dot, you can turn it off, and let’s see how.


Open the “Settings” app, scroll down to the bottom, and tap “WhatsApp.”

Hit “Notifications” and turn off “Badges.”

If you want the badge, turn on the option.


Press the “WhatsApp” icon and hit the “Info” icon (the one with the “i” and circle around it).

Tap “Notifications.”

Scroll down to the bottom and turn off the “Allow notification dot” option.

Turned off Allow notification dot
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If you want the dot, turn on the option mentioned above.

Note: If you can’t view the dot or badge, ensure you’ve not turned off the “Allow notification dot” or “Badges” you’ve seen above and have not disabled the WhatsApp notifications entirely.

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