How to Find Your Number and Name on WhatsApp
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How to Find Your Number and Name on WhatsApp

In this post, you’ll see the steps to find your WhatsApp number and name.

Also, you’ll see the steps to change your contact and your name on WhatsApp and find if a number is on WhatsApp or not. Let’s begin.

Find WhatsApp Number and Name

Note: WhatsApp doesn’t assign or let you give yourself a username. You create a WhatsApp account using your number, which is your identity.

Android or iPhone

Open the WhatsApp app. If you’re on Android, tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Select “Settings.” At the top, you can see the name, which is visible to your WhatsApp contacts.

Note that if someone has your contact with a name different from your WhatsApp account, they will see the name in the contact.

If you want to find the number, hit the name. And you can see the “Edit Profile” (iPhone) or “Profile” (Android) screen, where you can find these:

Edit Profile screen
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  • “Name” shows the customizable name. To change the name, tap it, remove the existing one and provide a new one. The maximum number of characters you can use here is 25. You can use emojis here if you wish. Hit the “Save” option in the pop-up if you’re on Android. On iPhone, tap “Done” at the top right.
Done option at top right
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  • “Phone” (on Android) or “Phone Number” (on iPhone) shows the number you’ve used for your WhatsApp account. Note that changing the phone number is possible. And for that, tap the phone number, and you’ll be on the screen where you can start the process.
  • About” shows your current about.


Note: You can’t find the phone number using WhatsApp Web.

In the WhatsApp Web, hit the profile picture in the left sidebar.

You can see these pieces of information now:

  • In “Your name,” you can see the name. To change it, hit the “Pencil” icon, remove the current one and provide a new name. Click on the Tick icon.
  • In the “About,” you can see the current about.
  • Adding or changing your profile photo is possible from here.


Open the WhatsApp Desktop app and hit the profile picture at the bottom left. You can see the name, about, profile picture, and phone number in the pop-up.

To modify the name, hit the “Pencil” icon beside it. Provide the name per your wishes and hit the “Enter” key.

Change Contact Name on WhatsApp

Note: You can’t do this task on WhatsApp Web and Desktop app.

Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact you wish to change the name.

Tap the contact name at the top. On Android, hit the three vertical dots at the top right.

Select “Edit” and change the name.

Hit “Save” at the top right.

Check if a Number is on WhatsApp

Here, you’ll see two ways to determine whether a number is on WhatsApp. Note that no one except yourself knows that you’ve checked this number.

Method #1

You can use this method on the Android, iPhone, Web, or Desktop app.

You can use to find this. Please check out this article for using

Method #2 (For iPhone and Android Only)

If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps:

In the WhatsApp app, hit the “New Chat” icon at the top right of the “Chats” tab. Hit “New Contact” and enter the phone number.

If the phone number isn’t on WhatsApp, you’ll see this message: This phone number is not on WhatsApp. Invite to WhatsApp.

Message stating that the number is not on WhatsApp
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If you’re on an Android phone, follow these steps:

Add the number as a contact on your Android phone.

Open the WhatsApp app. Hit the “New chat” icon at the bottom of the “Chats” tab.

If you see the contact in the “Invite to WhatsApp” section, it isn’t on WhatsApp.

Note that you can follow the above steps on the iPhone too.