Fix WhatsApp Photos not Showing in Gallery and Media Not Downloading
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Fix WhatsApp Photos not Showing in Gallery and Media Not Downloading

Is the gallery app on your Android device or the “Photos” app on your iPhone not showing WhatsApp photos and videos?

Yes, then let’s see the different methods to fix this issue. You’ll also see here how to fix the problem of WhatsApp not downloading media (images and videos).

I use an Android phone and iPhone. Let’s start.

Fix WhatsApp Photos Not Showing in Gallery


Follow solutions 7 (“Photos” permission for WhatsApp) and 8 (Turning on “Save to Camera Roll”) of the last section in this post.

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Please follow solutions 4 (Restart Android), 6 (Clear WhatsApp cache), and 11 (Reinstall WhatsApp) in the post’s last section if the below ones didn’t work.

Solution 1

Enable “Media visibility” and here’s how:

Go to WhatsApp Settings and select “Chats.”

In the “Chat settings” section, you can view “Media visibility” between the “Enter is send” and “Font size.” If it is not enabled, turn it on.

Solution 2

Open the “Files” app and make it show the hidden files.

Hit “Internal storage” in the “Storage devices” section. Open Android > media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images.

If you see the .nomedia file, delete it. Open the “Private” folder. If you see the .nomedia file there, remove it.

Follow the steps above for the “WhatsApp Video” folder in the “Media” folder.

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Fix WhatsApp Media (Images and Videos) Not Downloading

Solution 1

Check your internet connection.

Solution 2

Check if your device’s date and time are correct. If not, fix it.

If you’re using iPhone, follow these steps: In the “Settings” app, tap “General.” Tap “Date & Time.” Hit “Set Automatically.”

If you’re using Android, launch the “Settings” app and tap “System.”

Hit the “Date & time.” Enable “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically.”

Solution 3

Make sure you have enough storage on your device.

If that’s not enough, fix it and see whether the WhatsApp images and videos not downloading issue is solved.

Below are the steps to check storage space on Android and iPhone.

If you’re using an Android phone, hit “Storage” in “Settings.” On iPhone, launch the “Settings” app, tap “General,” and hit “iPhone Storage.”

At the top, you can see your device’s total space used and free.

Solution 4

Restart your device.

On an Android phone, long-press the “Power” button and hit “Restart.”

Restart option
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On an iPhone, hit “General” in the “Settings” app. Tap “Shut Down” at the bottom and slide the icon at the top to the right.

Press the “Side” button (which you can find on the right side) until you see the Apple logo.

Check if this fixes the issue of WhatsApp not downloading photos and videos.

Solution 5 (iPhone only)

If you’re on a mobile data connection and having this issue, open the “Settings” app and hit “Cellular.” Enable “WhatsApp.”

Solution 6 (Android only)

Open the “Settings” app and hit “Apps.” Select “See all (number) apps.”

Select WhatsApp > Storage & cache. Hit “Clear cache,” and that’s it.

Check if this fixes the issue of WhatsApp media not downloading.

Solution 7

Make sure WhatsApp has permission to access the “Photos.” Here’s how on iPhone: Open the “Settings” app. Select WhatsApp > Photos. Hit “All Photos.”

Ensure WhatsApp has permission to access photos and videos on Android. Here’s how:

Long-press the “WhatsApp” app and hit the “Info” icon. Select “Permissions” and tap “Photos and videos.” Select “Allow.”

Solution 8 (iPhone only)

Have the “Save to Camera Roll” enabled, and here are the steps:

In the WhatsApp app, tap the “Settings” tab.

Select “Chats” between “Privacy” and “Notifications.” You’ll see “Save to Camera Roll” between “Chat Wallpaper” and “Chat Backup.”

Please turn it off to stop WhatsApp from automatically saving videos and photos to the camera roll.

Turned off Save to Camera Roll
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Solution 9

Ensure you’ve configured the media auto-download settings for WhatsApp per your needs.

Solution 10

Reset the network settings on your Android device.

In the “Settings” app and tap “System” between “Google” and “About phone.”

Hit “Reset options” beneath “Multiple users” at the bottom. Tap “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.”

Tap the “Reset settings” button and provide your pin, which is my screen lock method. Hit “Reset settings,” and that’s it.

Here are the steps to reset network settings on your iPhone:

Launch the “Settings” app and tap “General.” Select “Transfer or Reset iPhone” and hit “Reset.”

From the options, tap “Reset Network Settings.” Provide your passcode and hit “Reset Network Settings” in the popup.

Reset Network Settings option
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Solution 11

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. I suggest you take a backup before proceeding.

Here are the steps to uninstall WhatsApp on iPhone:

Long press the “WhatsApp” icon and tap “Remove App.” In the popup, hit “Delete App.”

Here are the steps to uninstall WhatsApp on an Android phone:

Open “Settings” and hit “Apps.” Select “See all X apps.” X is a number.

Tap “WhatsApp” and hit “Uninstall.” If you want to keep the app data, select the check box. Hit “OK.”

Uninstall popup
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